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BrainID® Mapping

Our life effects the big challenge to the brain, we live in the midst of many cross-pressures caused by work and private life. How sustainable are the resources and performance of the brain? And how does an ordinary healthy person get information about the state of his or her brain in time, so that it is still possible to influence to well-being through lifestyle choices in a timely and preventive manner? BrainID® is an effortless and reliable brain health survey for the average healthy person: BrainID provides objective information about brain resources, fitness, and recovery.

  1. qEEG brain fitness measurement
  2. From the BrainMind Audit® profile obtained from the measurement result
  3. Support of BrainID® -Mentor.
Measurement of electrical voltages in the brain


Easy qEEG measurement provides reliable information on brain resources and performance thanks to an innovative interpretation of the BrainMind Audit® –profile developed by BM-Science. The measurement takes about 12 minutes and does not require preparation. Our profile is a functional profile, not clinical electroencephalogram-curve.

qEEG: Interpretation is done directly from the electrical voltages transmitted by the brain, which also makes it possible to interpret the functional side of the brain that is of interest to the average healthy person: the level of cognitive and emotional functions.

EEG: The first EEG measurement was taken almost 100 years ago. Its traditional clinical use is only in the diagnosis of serious brain injuries and diseases; the neurologist compares the brain electrical curves obtained with the measurement to normal ones.

Brain resource profile

BrainMind Audit®

The BrainMind Audit® profile illustrates accurate and truthful information about the condition of the brain in a way that has not been possible before. The profile is based on an innovative interpretation of qEEG measurement, in which surplus data left out of the clinical side interpretation is opened.

The BrainMind Audit® -profile is not medical information, but a description of the functional level of the cognitive and emotional side of the brain. Due to the measurement method, it provides very reliable information about the functioning of the brain compared to the information obtained by asking, evaluating or observing.

The profile provides information about the brain that guides you through everyday choices when needed and helps you correct your lifestyle. The profile tells you how your brain is at the moment, what is their actual functioning and resources; what lived life has done to the brain, what kind of traces it has left, and let it also show indications of the direction of the future.

The biological age of the brain is also possible to have from the measurement. The age of the brain is rarely the same as the chronological age. If the brain ages more slowly than a person herself/himself, it knows good for the future. If faster, it is possible to change it by own choices, because the brain can also rejuvenate.

BrainMind Audit® -profile

BrainMind Audit® -profile consists of nine markers. Each dimension of the profile has a strong correlation with neurological markers.

  • Vigilance, voltage
  • Performance speed
  • Internal focusing
  • Emotional motivation tendency
  • Sociality
  • Orientation of anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Total brain resources
  • Deviation from optimal brain function
As your personal support

BrainID® -mentor

We measure physical fitness in many ways and plan with a personal trainer a healthy fitness program. Now you can take equal care of your brain, your most important treasure.

The results are always processed together with the BrainID® mentor. A mentor as a interlocutor will help you to understand the content of your result and supports and guides you to find changes you need to do in everyday life.

Making changes, let alone staying, is a big challenge for many of us. Mentor as a companion for a shorter or longer time will help you succeed in changes. The results and discussions with the mentor are always confidential.
In the remeasurements have been renewed, for the most part, three out of four people (72%) have improved results everywhere. For 52%, the results improved to the optimum level.

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