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Brain fitness survey of an ordinary healthy person

Objective information about brain resources, fitness, and resilience.
Easy qEEG measurement and illustrative BrainMind Audit® -profile.
BrainID®-mentor as a supporter to find steps toward well-being.

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Developed in Finland - New in the world!



Easy measurement

What about –  if you could to peek inside to your own head and get incorruptible information from operating dynamics of your brain? – Now it is possible!

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BrainMind Audit®

Innovative profile

BrainMind Audit® -profile describes the level of cognitive and emotional functions in the brain, resources, and vigor of brain activity…

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Coaching feedback

We take care of muscle condition, but can we take care of our brains? The condition of the brain itself can be affected in many different ways and the changes brought about are noticeable and measurable!

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As your personal support

BrainID® -mentor

The strength of our service is that, in addition to an innovative functional brain profile, we have in BrainID-service always a living person, a certified BrainID® mentor – not a text-speaking computer, but a living person. No one is left alone with their profile.

The content of the profile is reviewed together with the mentor, he or she can be asked for more information and the mentor supports and encourages the search for balancing changes in everyday life if there are deviations in the profile. A mentor is a companion for a shorter or longer period of time, depending on your needs. | +358 50 65404

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  • Work is more and more thinking, with the human brain and mind being the most important “work machine”. Success in work depends on their well-being and ability to function: creativity, insight, learning and interaction skills.

    With the help of BrainID mapping, everyone can determine their own working condition.

    Leenamaija Otala
    D.Sc., Docent, Pro Competence Oy
  • We do not know the condition of our brains. We may have a hunch, a wish, or a fear about it. But not a good enough idea of ​​how life has treated or burdened our brains. It was a very reassuring experience for me to understand the state of my brain when explored in a new way.

    I think BrainMind Audit says something more than what the interviews, for example, reveal. It encourages us to think about work and lifestyles and thus do what we can for our own brains. And that seems to be pretty much.

    Timo Lindholm
    Specialist, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
  • Brain ID Oy has developed a wonderful service package that can be warmly recommended to anyone working in challenging positions. As a start-up entrepreneur, I see the importance of developing my own well-being and balance even in the midst of a rush, and the BrainID service offers a great tool for this!

    Suvi Haimi
    PhD. CEO and Co-founder, Sulapac Oy
  • The Brain ID method is based on the work of respected brain researchers. Their experience and expertise have been successfully brought to the attention of anyone interested in the state of their minds and brains in a useful and professional way.

    Ville Ojanen
    PhD. Academy of Brain
  • I consider the scientific work of BM Science to be of a high standard and the developed BrainID service package to be unique even from a global perspective. The BrainID service concept ensures that a person understands the result and finds changes that increase well-being in their own lives. Mentor provides support for making and committing to change. – The service has a wide range of applications.

    Madis Tiik
    MD, PhD. Senior Advisor, Sitra
  • Compared to physical fitness, the brain has received surprisingly little attention. – I have tested the physical performance of more than 200,000 Finns and lectured on the importance of fitness. In recent years, however, I have become more interested in well-being when I see what follows from a failure to recover and rest.

    With BrainID, it is possible to easily obtain welcome new information about the impact of a person’s daily activities on health, well-being and endurance in the daily life of an ordinary person as well as in top sports.

    Matti Heikkilä
    Professional coach
  • The BrainID service, profile and mentoring is an exceptionally great whole that tells you how my brain is doing. Hearing the result was exciting. How have different stages of my life treated my brain? How have I taken care of myself?

    Careful analysis of the measurement result was an interesting trip to my personal wellness center. An encouraging and excellent motivating experience that also carries forward.

    Hannele Eklund
    FM, entrepreneur. WellSpoken Oy

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